The Bermuda Privateer

Nicholas Fallon is captain of the schooner Sea Dog, a privateer that is fast, beautiful and deadly. As a privateer vs. a Royal Navy officer, Fallon enjoys total independence in where he goes, who he takes as crew (women) and how he fights. He’s his own man.

It’s 1796, and Sea Dog’s owner, Ezra Somers, orders Fallon to protect his Caribbean salt trade from French privateers and pirates. The intrigue on land is treacherous and the battles at sea are rousing and told with furious detail, including an attack on Spanish treasure ships during a vicious hurricane. Readers will discover a new kind of naval hero – creative, strategically brilliant and romantic. The Bermuda Privateer is a gripping read with layered storylines and a modern storyteller’s voice.



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“William Westbrook hooks you from the first page with accurate detail, a fast-paced plot, intriguing characters, and a genuine understanding of sailors and the sea. No doubt about it, this is the stuff of a new Hornblower. Napoleon had best beware.”
— Robert N. Macomber, award-winning author of the Honor Series of naval thrillers.

“William Westbrook is not afraid of action, and he is not afraid of blood, history or politics. He is also prepared to tackle seamanship and geography, love and sex. The Bermuda Privateer has all these delights in plenty, and leaves the reader calling out for more. A great maiden voyage!”
— Jan Needle, author of the William Bentley Sea Novels and many more naval stories and books of nautical fiction.

Bill Westbrook takes you to sea, and puts you right in the middle of an emotional roller coaster ride of a story. The narrative features America’s early entrepreneurial spirit, the importance of loyalty and the reliance on gut instinct to make vital decisions with unknown consequences. Once you start reading The Bermuda Privateer you won’t put it down. It would have been an honor to sail with these heroes who faced incredible odds at every turn.
— Gary Jobson, America’s Cup Hall of Fame

“All sea stories should tell you something new and The Bermuda Privateer meets that criteria in spades. Fast paced and covering an area new to me, I was enthralled by the author’s encyclopedic knowledge of the Caribbean, the cockpit of so much action over several centuries. There are battles and conspiracies galore, with engaging characters and thrilling actions, added to romance and an element I have never before encountered and one I have to leave you to find out. I encourage you to do so.”
— David Donachie, author of the John Pearce novels and the Privateersman Mysteries.

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There’s room for very few books in an ocean going-library. The Captain Nicholas Fallon series are books worth taking to sea.

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